Unlocking The Brain Through Gaming

  1. Gaming could be the future of education and well being of future generations
  2. The brain is a very plastic device, it’s plug-and-play. If it’s fed information then it will use it. It is possible that if we could connect our…

A Prelude to Industry 5.0

  1. Welcome Industry 5.0, robots collaborating with humans.
  2. Don’t go into full scale or presume you are in production too early. Keep your R&D units where they need to be, in R&D.
  3. Once again, Proof of Work > Proof of Knowledge. If you want to work on robots, build them in reality, not in theory!
  4. School should no longer be the rule, just an exception.

Deep Imaginations’s Require Deeper learning

Investing in Machine Ethics

  1. Most deep tech products are ready to be commercialized. When thinking of futuristic/sci-fi-like technologies you’re thinking about the 10% of the deep tech industry. …

Spoke to Tony Uttley about the department’s inception and roadmap, quantum charge-coupled architecture, commercializing quantum solutions, hype, and the underlying ethics

Tony Uttley, President of Honeywell’s Quantum Solutions

About Tony and the birth of Honeywell Quantum Solutions

From Sub to Super, in Silence

  1. Deep tech companies need to launch a product in 5 to 10 years. If possible, consider a multi-product approach that will help you accomplish your bigger vision.
  2. In regards to a new way of recruiting…

Building with Extensibility, Enter Holistic Innovation

  1. A good CTO can communicate between different types of engineers, and still stay focused on the product and the system as a whole.
  2. We need economic systems that incentivize environmental responsibility, ethical behavior, and planetary-scale innovation…

GNR part 4: Robotics with Strong AI

Pandora’s Box by Rey Reposar on Pixels edited by Me

The Key To Entrepreneurial Prosperity

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

“Your network is your…

“Jim Mattis invested in Theranos. Osama Bin Laden invested in box cutters. Who changed the world more?”

  1. You can be a Deep Tech founder…

Andrew Kirima

CTO @SenchaCredit & Hard Tech Analyst @ Cantos Ventures

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